Industry and Entrepreneurship


The major flag bearers of a country’s economy are Industries. The majority of our active volunteers are working with different industries, be it manufacturing, retail, transportation, healthcare, education etc. To keep pace with the industry standards and to adapt to the dynamic Professional environment, one has to be technically driven and empowered with managerial skills. The Industry and Entrepreneurship wing of IEEE Kerala Young Professionals strive towards making the industry professionals knowledgeable and competitive. This holistic development is achieved by organizing various techno-managerial talks, workshops, discussions and self-learning, helping the vibrant Young Professional members to excel in their respective fields. Industrial visits are also conducted at regular intervals giving the professionals a look and feel of the evolving technologies in companies who are best in the business.

Special focus is given to Entrepreneurship activities. Providing mentor support, evolving basic ideas into business plans, educating the start-ups on legal grounds and pitching for investors are some the topics which the Work Groups help upon.