YP Talks

YP Talks is an initiative by IEEE Kerala Young Professionals. It is a platform for Young Professionals to share their expertise and knowledge among IEEE Student branches across the globe.

Sl NoName OrganizationDesignationTopics
1Aiswary S BaijuTata Consultancy ServicesSystems Engineer1. Graphic designing with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
2. Automation testing with Selenium c#
2Althaf MuhammadInfosysSystems Engineer1. LinkedIn for Professional Growth
2. Industry Expectations from a CS Graduate
3. Publicity and Beyond : All about publicity volunteering
4. Insights on Approaching Placements
5. IEEE for Professional Growth
3AthilPhaethon Technologies Pvt LtdCo-Founder/ Chief Blockchain Architect1. BlockChain
4Fasil O KCentral University of KeralaResearch Scholar1. Research paper writing and review process
2. Brain Computer Interfaces
3. Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
4. Research What? How? and Why?
5. Machine learning
5Gitin Jacob GeorgeDAFA Builders Pvt. Ltd.CEO1. Motor Drives
2. MATLAB Simulink
3. Power Electronics Basics
4. Entrepreneurial Mindset
5. Preparing for Multiple Careers
6Jacob Thomas PuthukerilHikvisionEngineer (Robotics and FA)1. Industrial Automation- PLC SCADA
2. Industrial IOT
3. Machine Vision Tech.
4. Automated Guided Robots
5. Building automation systems using KNX
6. Mobile App development using Thunkable
7. Strategy of getting Electrical Core Jobs
7Jefy ThomasInAppSenior Software Engineer1. Cloud computing and AWS
2. Elastic Search
8Jiby Krishna K GAgappe Diagnostic LtdR&D Equipment Engineer1. Medical devices design and development
2. Regulatory affairs and compliance of medical devices
3. UI UX design of medical devices
4. In-vitro diagnostics
5. Testing of medical devices
9Jishnu J KQuest GlobalSoftware Engineer1. Graphic Design (PS, AI)
2. IoT Basics
3. C++
4. Microsoft Foundation Classes
10Karthik KInnovation Incubator AdvisoryArtificial Intelligence Engineer1. Artificial Intelligence
2. Machine Learning
3. Cloud Computing
4. Deep Learning
11Midhun MHashwave TechnologyData Analyst1. Python
2. Hadoop and Big Data
3. Web Application (flask)
4. Introduction to Data Science /Machine learning With Python
12Nandan SLBSITW, TrivandrumAssistant Professor1. Introduction to 5G Wireless Communication systems.
2. Recend advancements in Wireless Communication systems.
3. Introduction to Robotics
4. Advanced Digital Communication Techniques 5. Career enhancement through IEEE volunteering
6. How to crack campus placements.
7. Membership benefits of IEEE
13Neeraj V IpeUST GlobalAssociate Software Developer1. Web development (backend &frontend)
2. Git
3. Java
4. Webhosting and Infrastructure
14Ramakrishnan C STata ElxsiEngineer1. Electric Vehicle Technologies
15Rony Alex ThomasIntelSOC Design Engineer1. Career in Semiconductor Industry
2. Integrated Circuit, from Concept to Product
3. Introduction to Photography
16Shankar JayarajUKF College of Engineering and Technology, KollamAssistant Professor (EC)1. Robotics
2. Robotic Process Automation
3. 3D Printing
4. Internet of Things
5. Software Defined Radio 6. Amateur Radio
7. Satellite Tracking and Decoding
8. A faculty approach to Online pedagogy using OBS studio, Google meet, Zoom, WebEx, YouTube live
9. Mobile Videography and photography: An idea till post production
10. A mathematical approach of being an effective YouTuber
11. Learn a new technical skill : A practical scheduling approach
12. Electronics Literacy
17Shyam Pradeep AlilInfusory Future Tech Labs Pvt Ltd Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer1. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
2. Robotics
3. Entrepreneurship
4. Project ideation and development
18Sreehari A SEntri Pvt LtdContent Associate1. Basics of Circuit Theory
2. Basics of Mathematics
3. Student Membership Benefits of IEEE
19Sridev Shyam K VKeyValue Software SystemsAsst. Product Manager1. Product management
2. Business analysis
3. social media
4. social media/Branding strategy.
20Sruthy S KhanState Bank of IndiaAsst. Manager1. Banking Career
2. Financial Management as a Student and Young Professional
3. Work-Life balance
4. Mindfulness
5. Backlogs and Future Career
6. Part-Time Jobs for Students
7. Study Techniques to Excel
8. How to Fail Well
9. Healthy Living
10. How to Study what we don't like

YP Talk Coordinator

Prajul Vishnu
email: prajulvishnu@ieee.org

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