ABOUT IEEE KERALA YOUNG PROFESSIONALSIEEE Kerala Young Professionals is a team of passionate IEEE volunteers who are in the early stages of their professional career. The team has made revolutionary contributions to the growth of IEEE Young Professionals in Kerala and has consistently strived to empower Young Professionals activities in India and South Asia by collaborating with fellow affinity groups in the Region 10. Over the years, our main focus was on helping the different sections of the society by providing technical and mentoring support. IEEE Kerala Young Professionals is also credited for being the pioneers of “Joy of Volunteering” campaign, thereby, promoting ethical volunteering in IEEE community.



05Oct, 2020

What next for a biotechnology graduate ?

Biotechnology is an Interdisciplinary field of science which as the name implies is the technological application of Biology. The Biology part actually prompted me to take up this subject for my under graduation and Post-graduation, wherein I explored a lot of subjects like Animal and Plant Biotechnology, rDNA technology, Bioprocess Technology to name a few. You also get to learn several other related subjects like […]

16Sep, 2020

Designing for User Experience : An Overview

‘Design’ is such a common word used in our daily life which can be defined in many ways. ‘Courses of action aimed at changing existing solutions into preferred ones’ is one of them as suggested by Herbert Simon in his book The Sciences of the Artificial. In layman’s terms it’s a perfect blend of art and science for ‘problem solving’. It’s about creating a difference […]